Children Wall Murals, Kids Wallpaper Murals Gallery

There is no greater vision than that of awe and amazement on a child’s face. Much of the world and all it has to offer are unchartered territory for our little ones. Kittens, blue skies, ice-cream, cartoons; so much to see, so much to learn, so much to enjoy.  Our wall murals can entertain and educate their growing little curiosities. Choose from our huge collection of child-friendly images to transform the walls of your home into a fairy forest, a knights grand castle, an octopuses garden, even a sea of bubbles or the land of cartoons. The choices are as limitless as their imagination. |

List of the bestselling children wall mural products in the last three months:

  • Mural wallpaper Traditional Japanese Building and Bridge in Japanese Garden 3D
  • Wall art decal Enchanted landscape with rainbow
  • Wallpaper mural Beautiful girl with a horse in the fairy forest
  • Wall mural Fable stage - cartoon illustration for the children